Beret Hat

As most countries in America and Europe are currently in winter, here in Indonesia we experience the opposite. In Jakarta, the temperature reaches 30+ degrees Celcius most of the time but it often rains heavily as well. So yeah, my style basically changes almost everyday, it all depends on the weather. One day I could wear a simple shirt and short shorts and another day I could wear a long sleeve sweater with a pair of trousers or jeans to keep myself warm.



I also decided to add something to this outfit, because I thought it looked a little bit too casual. Beret hat is one of my favorite item at this moment, I scored this cute accessories while I was doing online shopping a couple of weeks ago. I have seen a lot people styled it with their winter outfits, but sometimes you just gotta do things out of the ordinary, right? And voila, I wore it with my kinda summer outfit 😉

(If you notice, I got some giant pimples on my cheeks. But no, I don’t think of editing it anyway!)
White Shirt – Giordano
Shorts – Local shop
Slip-ons – Local shop
Bag – Kate Spade
Beret Hat – Pomelo Fashion (click here)
Photos were taken by my mom.
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