Bomber and Faux Suede

Hey, everyone! How are y’all doing? First thing first, I really want to apologize for the lack of updates on my blog. I went back to my hometown on late January, didn’t bring my camera and laptop so I couldn’t post anything. The fourth semester began around 4 weeks ago, I skipped the first two days of school as I was celebrating Lunar New Year with my family.

Moving on to the outfit, I received this bomber jacket and a faux suede dress from Dresslink around 2 weeks ago. You guys have probably read an article I posted back then about my wishlist (click here). If you guys haven’t known yet, Dresslink is an online shopping website that sells thousands of cool stuff in affordable price.
I love love love the jacket and I really mean it when I say it! Bomber jacket has been so popular lately and I am so glad that the package arrived just in time. I love the fabric so much, not so thick but warm enough for rainy days. Just perfect to be worn in such an unpredictable weather.
As for the faux suede dress, I love the fabric and color so much. It actually looks a little bit brighter in the pictures, but still so pretty. You could definitely wear it for a day or night out. It’s just slightly bigger in the waist area but I could totally do something about it, not a big deal.



The combination of these two colors is just too beautiful that I really had to wear them both together. Overall, they are definitely my new favorite items in my closet as I’ve been wearing the jacket over and over lately and I would totally wear the dress again.
For Dresslink $0.01 items: click here.
For free shipping items: click here.
Bomber Jacket – Dresslink (click here)
Faux Suede Dress – Dresslink (click here)
Heels – Zara

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