I did this impromptu photoshoot yesterday with my sister; wasn’t planned at all. You probably find my outfit familiar asI often dress myself this way for my daily activities. Jacket, plain tee, my favorite pants and shoes, then I’m ready to go. If you have read my previous style article, you must know that this bomber jacket is my current favorite item, that’s why I keep wearing it over and over again.
I actually wanted to wear a customized baseball cap that I bought weeks ago, with my blog name written on it, but I totally forgot about it and still kinda mad at myself.
To be honest, I’ve been so busy lately doing lots and lots of assignment, not to mention how I’m kinda freaked out about mid term exams coming soon. I do really need to start studying rather than complain about it. *geez*
Bomber Jacket – Dresslink (click here)
Plain Tee – Stradivarius
Pinstripe Pants – Stradivarius
Shoes – local shop
Photos were taken by my sister, Clara.
Add my snapchat for silly stuffs: beatrixrhea.

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